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If you’re on my email list, then you already know about this craziness. (And if you’re not on my email list, where you at?! It’s where you find out about all the cool things first!)

Today, I have something really, REALLY good for you. Like, it’s pretty much Christmas and you didn’t even know it. Especially if you are an entrepreneur (or hope to be one someday!)

So a few months back, I was part of a photography bundle that was my craziest sale hat I had EVER been a part of. It was a one time only deal, but you got 21 online educational courses for $98.50. It was so insane some people thought it was a scam, but it wasn’t!

WELL. Today, I'm part of a brand new bundle that JUST - dare I say - might be better than the last one. 😳And it, too, is a one time only deal!

Meet the Entrepreneurship Bundle

31 Courses

Lifetime Access

Just 99.50!!!

So what's a Bundle, and how does it work?

A Bundle is a deal where several online educators put their resources together and make available for one crazy low price. Like, CRAZY LOW. The ONLY way this is possible is because it's available one time, for a very limited time.

So this time, I have joined with 30 other entrepreneurs who offer online education, we've pooled our resources, and they are available for 8 days only for the crazy price of $99.50... combined.

You can read more (and purchase it) HERE.

These courses would normally cost you $5,473.99 if you bought them separately, but today you can buy at a whooping 98% discount.

And, NBD, this bundle is made up of few courses from some of my FAVORITE people, some of my dear friends, some of the best educators out there, including:

Entreprenuership Bundle Contributors

Some of the courses I'm most excited about and plan to actually take myself??? :

Ashlyn Carter's Launch Blueprint

Jenna Kutcher's brand new Podcast Lab

Tammy Cannon's Facebook Ad Masterclass

Something Social's Instagram Strategy for Business

You'll also get my Internship Bundle, valued at $159.99, which is the perfect answer to the overwhelmed solopreneur who needs some help keeping your growing business running smoothly. Along with 26 OTHER RESOURCES. 😱

All for $99.50.

When I saw the list of educators and the content included in this bundle, knowing that I have ALREADY paid my own money to purchase some of their courses and content, I knew it'd be a solid resource for you.

It's basically the Netflix for entrepreneur education, you’d have 31 channels ready to watch!

Here's what you need to know:

It starts TODAY.

It ends June 11th at 11:59pm.

When the deal is gone, it’s gone!

If you think it’s a good fit,

(Or text this blogpost to a friend!!)

Hoping this is a huge blessing to you, your dreams, and your business!