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 are you stressed? constantly spending way too much time working in your business instead of on it? are you ready to finally grasp the finances of your business and your life?




The Blueprint Model with Shanna Skidmore

Everything you need to make money doing what you love without sacrificing your health, sanity and relationships along the way!

The Blueprint Model is a 12-week online business and finance program created specifically for creative entrepreneurs. It’s your A-Z blueprint for starting and growing a profitable (actually puts money in your pocket), sustainable (doesn’t sacrifice your life to the non-stop hustle), and life-enriching business!

Created by my dear friend Shanna Skidmore (who also happens to be a former Fortune 100 financial advisor - yes, she’s the real deal), this is THE business program every creative entrepreneur needs to make money doing what they love.

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If you know me, you know I’m passionate about finances.

I’m Nancy, and I believe in debt freedom, generosity, and not letting money (or the lack of it) rule your life.

You also know that I’m closing my photography business this year, and you may have heard my friend Shanna is closing her business, too.

Psst…  Nancy, this isn’t the best way to convince me to buy this thing! Talking about closing your business and all!  

I know I know - hang with me because there’s a point.

While this season of running our current businesses are actively coming to an end, we both have run profitable businesses that served us, and they will continue to bless our lives and families even though they are gone. (My business helped me and my husband pay off our house quickly and make serious financial progress on the house we are in currently!) But that didn’t happen without being very strategic. 

Maybe your business is just beginning, or maybe it just needs a major reset (or rescue, if you’re honest)! Maybe you just want to know how we did that, and how you can do it too?


 Enter: Shanna’s BluePrint Model
3 Private Group Coaching Calls with Nancy


How would you feel if you had a proven step-by-step formula to ensure profit at the end of the day, money in the bank, and the confidence to take a steady paycheck from the business you have built?

You would know with certainty you are building a business that actually supports the lifestyle of your dreams -- you know the one that lets you make your own hours, pick up your kids from preschool, be generous and not a tightwad, take a Sabbatical once a year, and truly feel like YOU are in the driver’s seat, living the life that you want?

And you’d have an accountability coach (that’s me!) helping you go through the course, making sure you’re actually implementing it! You’d have 3 LIVE sessions with me in our own private Facebook Group to share progress and ask questions along the way? (Yes, I’ll be going through the course WITH you! And the level of your business doesn’t matter because we are all here to learn and support each other!)

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 Shanna and I believe one thing to be true:


your business is meant to serve your LIFE, not the other way around.

Shanna’s Blueprint Model is the incredible opportunity to lay the foundation, to draw the blueprint for your business and your life.

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 And did I mention this is the last time she’s offering it?

(She meant it when she said she’s closing her business, so this is it!)

So, this is my invitation:

To take a pause, to stop working in your business and to work on it. To lay a solid foundation for your business and your life. Will this course cure your every problem and make life easy as pie? No! Being a business owner is hard work. But it can be less hard, less urgent-all-the-time, less exhausting. With the right strategic plan, you can find that financial freedom as an entrepreneur you’ve been dreaming of.

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You owe it to yourself, your family, and your bank account to try! Aren't you ready to: build the right business model for the lifestyle you actually want to live, speak to the right audience instead of shouting to the masses, declutter that "should do" list and laser focus your energy on the most important things, price with confidence and for profit each and every time?

I’m excited to do this with you!


The Blueprint Model Core Curriculum

The Blueprint Model includes nine core building blocks and three implementation weeks making up the 12-week program, as well as bonus masterclasses, step-by-step video tutorials, and made-for-you templates to transform your business in 90 days and give you tools you’ll use day in and day out to run your business.


On top of all that, you’ll get exclusive access to

Shanna’s Financial Toolkit

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 Blue Print Model + 3 Private Group Coaching Calls and Course Accountability with Nancy Ray

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A note from Shanna:

In my signature 12-week online business program, I'll walk you through my proven step-by-step blueprint to build the business plan you've needed since day one: a solid foundation with clearly-defined services, pricing based on real numbers, and a plan to steward those (exciting new) profits.

It's lifted the load off thousands of weary creatives, and no matter where you are in business, it's going to help you, too.

A note from Nancy:

The biggest problem with courses today is that we don’t make time to actually complete them. That’s where I come in!  I’m going to go through the course with you, and I’m going to keep you accountable.

I’ll host a private Facebook group just for my small group of entrepreneurs who purchase from this page, where I’ll do one hour of group coaching every 4th week (a total of 3 hours of LIVE group coaching with me), where we will walk through this process together. And I’m doing the work right there with you.

In a lot of ways, as I close this chapter of Nancy Ray Photography, I’m starting fresh with my podcast and online education! Yet with 12 years of business experience and team leadership, I am excited to bring a unique perspective in these coaching calls as we lay the blueprint for our lives, together.

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