want to grow your business AND GET YOUR LIFE BACK?

You’re a driven, dedicated creative entrepreneur, but that’s sorta wound up putting you in a position of big-time burnout:
do you REALLY want to hustle this hard forever?

In your productivity-minded universe, you’ve “outsourced” everything from grocery delivery (hi, online shopping!) to email responses (#allthetemplates), but your workload still sits at full capacity.

I am going to give you the step-by-step blueprint to serving more people and making more money by building a team as a creative entrepreneur.

elevate your photography brand: learn to shoot film!

Making the switch to film can feel impossible. You're constantly told how expensive it is, how difficult it is to incorporate film into your current workflow, and how you'll lose clients because you'd have to raise your prices. That would make any photographer feel very overwhelmed!

However, I've found that a plan works! Over the last 5 years, I've made the switch from being 100% digital to shooting primarily in film, and I've taught others to successfully do the same.

Join in, and learn to shoot film in 4 weeks!

Foundations in digital photography.jpg

take your first step in becoming a photographer: learn digital photography

You're ready to learn the in's and out's of digital photography, but there are so many technical terms(!) and confidently shooting in manual seems nearly impossible.

You need someone to walk you through, step by step, the basics of digital photography. Someone who will take the time to give you the technical and practical lessons on Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. Someone who has walked this road before, and has even trained their own team of digital photographers!

Imagine having a TWO WEEK guide on video with corresponding PDFs to hold your hand and talk you through everything from the basics to shooting like a Professional Digital Photographer!