Contentment Challenge Devotional Guide

Contentment Challenge Devotional Guide


Several years ago, God called me to give up shopping for three months straight in order to find my true contentment and joy in Him alone - not in the sale room at Anthropologie or the latest from Target. I called it “The Contentment Challenge,” and I will never be the same for it. Because the truth is, in a culture that screams “you never have enough stuff,” “you need to keep up,” “you have to have the latest from Madewell and Starbucks in hand to feel happy,” it’s important for us as believers to tune into the Voice that matters. Sometimes we have to shut off the voice of the culture and do something drastically different to hear God’s voice clearer.

The Contentment Challenge: a 12-week Devotional is the perfect companion to your 3 month journey to contentment. Each week you have a new devotional to read, and each month you have a new memory verse and activity to complete. I’ve written this from the bottom of my heart, from my own struggles along the way, from my own journey. And now, I’m so grateful to have found the freedom this challenge has to offer!

Guess what? This January, February and March 2019 - I’m doing it again. To be honest, I’m most excited to share the full freedom I’ve found since doing this challenge! I am not a slave to buying or spending anymore, but my fulfillment and confidence and joy comes from knowing the Lord and seeking Him first. Join me to learn about this journey to true contentment by silencing the voice of lack and listening to the Voice of freedom.

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