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Nancy Ray with Coffee

Hi, friend! I’m Nancy.

I believe in abundance, right where you are.

Have you ever wondered…
"How do I find purpose and contentment right where I am?”
“How do I balance it all? My hubby and ministry and the kiddos and my work and my dreams?”
“How do I work through the constant feeling of overwhelm?”
"How do I establish systems and a routine that is LIFE giving, not one that feels impossible?”

I’ve been there.

But one thing I have come to believe with my whole heart: we were never meant to LIVE there. Always wondering, always overwhelmed, always asking.

Sure there are seasons of life where that is okay, but ABUNDANCE should be the norm!

So let’s slow down, okay? Let’s take hold of the truth and wisdom God has for us, so we can take hold of that peaceful, fruitful living we know we are meant for.

Nancy Ray Family

Meet my sweet family

Will, my husband who holds us all together. Milly, my 3.5 year old, Lyndon, my 1 year old, and another precious little baby BOY!

Confession: I was afraid of becoming a mother. We waited 7 years, mainly because I was terrified of what it would do to me, my body, our marriage, my business, my life, and let’s be real - my sleep. But God’s grace has been poured out on me as He has Shepherded me through those fears and into a season of motherhood that has redefined me, as motherhood always does.


My work

i’ve been a wedding and family photographer for 10+ years. legacy is what fuels my heart for this work!