Introducing my new Podcast: Work and Play with Nancy Ray

Work and Play Podcast

Today is the day! My brand new podcast, Work and Play with Nancy Ray, is LIVE and ready for you to give it a listen ;).

I really debated about the name of this podcast for a long, long time, but I settled on Work and Play with Nancy Ray and feel so great about it!

Why? Well, if we boil daily life down to two simple categories: we work, and we play! And I believe that is where our life and our legacy take place: in the every day rhythms we embrace. 

The first 3 episodes are already LIVE and ready for you to listen in:

  1. Work and Play : 8 simple observations I’ve made about both work and play in our lives.

  2. Rule of Life : What that means, and how I live it out in my own life.

  3. Contentment Challenge : The story of how it came to be, and how you can take the Contentment Challenge as well.

Here’s the deal: I don’t really want you to give it a review until you actually listen to it!  And once you do, I would love for you to comment here to let me know any other topics YOU would like for me to cover eventually, and give me any feedback you have! I really want to share a mix of topics close to my heart and topics that YOU want to hear.

And here’s something fun:

The first 100 people to leave a review will get a surprise print in the mail! When you leave a review, be sure to email a screenshot of it to, along with your mailing address.


So go listen!

Leave a review! (& send us an email!)

Leave a comment here!

I would be so delighted to build a podcast that you want to keep in your life!

Happy listening :)