June Goals 2019

Nancy Ray June Goals Strawberries 2019.jpg

June!!! Summer. Peach stands. Halfway point. Weddings. Anniversary. Pool time. Watermelon. Sprinklers. Thunderstorms. Books. Naps. Podcasting. Running. Working. Resting. Playing.

We’re 6 days in, and I’m already so hot 😂.

I love the month of June. I love reaching this halfway point in the year, looking back and looking ahead and seeing where I am. So far, so good. This year has been full of a lot of change and good things. I’m happy to say we are giving it our all, and I’m enjoying every moment.

June Goals

Read The Sacred Enneagram
Catch up on the Life Giving Home
Read 3 Chapters of Crucial Conversations with my Team
Beaufort’s Baby Book: Order Prints
Lyndon’s Baby Book: Tape Prints I have and fill out blanks
Schedule Q3 Planning Meeting w/Team
Fearrington Getaway with Will
1st Counseling Appointment

If you made it to that last one, you’re probably like, “Hold up. Counseling?”

Yes, counseling!

When I typed this blopgost up the first time, I deleted that line. Yes, there are sometimes goals I write down in my Powersheets that I don’t include on my blog because it’s just for me. While this “goal” definitely is personal, I wanted to share that I am going to start counseling in hopes that it might make someone else reading this brave too.

Will and I have been to pre-marriage counseling and counseling since we’ve been married, and it has been SO helpful and wonderful. But I’ve never been by myself. Just for me. Just for the stuff going on in my own heart and head. And as I’ve navigated this big change in my business this year, I’ve wrestled with a LOT of emotions. Emotions about this massive change of letting go of Nancy Ray Photography, my identity being wrapped up in work, my identity as a mom, and what I’m doing moving forward.

All in all, I need some help navigating all of those emotions, the grief of losing the business I’ve identified with for so long, and how to navigate what’s to come. I’m taking the time, money, and emotional energy to invest in my emotional health. Something that I feel is a little stupid, something that I feel is selfish, something that I feel is very important and definitely the best thing for me and my family. (Isn’t weird how I can feel all of that at once?)

I’m the kind of person that if I don’t write it down as a goal, I won’t do it. So I am. I may or may not let you know how it goes, but if nothing else, I want to encourage you - if you need to set up a counseling appointment, do it. I am trusting this will be the best decision. I know it will.