August Goals 2019

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I wrote out my August goals on pen and paper and never looked back. I was in Nashville, TN, when it turned August 1, so I just kept beeboppin’ around doing life without realizing I never blogged them!

I’ve finished several goals so far (like Read Life Giving Home through August, attend GLS, and make serious progress on a lot of my reading), but it was actually incredibly helpful to sit down and write it all out on August 15th.

Next steps for me: Sit down with my CALENDAR and write them in. Because that’s the secret to actually doing your goals, canigetanamen?

August Goals

Read Life Giving Home through August
Re-Read Traction with Sammy Jo
Reach 1/2 Coaching Habit
Read Crucial Conversations (Phew that’s a lot of reading for this mama!)
Order Lyndon’s Baby Book Prints
Clear all photos off my phone
Foundations in Team Building : Write re-launch plan
Schedule Workout Days into my calendar
Attend Global Leadership Summit
Go on our annual Camping Trip (WITH THREE KIDS. Hold me.)

What are some of your August Goals?