Foundations in Team Building Course is Now Open!

Nancy Ray Team - Foundations in Team Building.jpg

👏🏼🎉 Doors are OPEN for Foundations in Team Building!

I’ve packed my NRP hiring, culture-building, and leadership strategy into an online mentoring program and now? I’m handing it over to you!

Here’s the thing: I know that your time is so valuable. But unless you make time to work on your business instead of always working in it, things will never change.

That’s why I created this course: to be an open book about my own business, showing you how I slowly, intentionally, tailor-made a team that can now manage everything — even while I’m on vacation, sabbatical, or maternity leave.

I can’t wait to teach you all I learned inside Foundations in Team Building! 

PS. The price will go up on Friday, September 27th! So grab the course now and you’ll get the best deal ;)