024 - 5 Ways to Become a Leader People Want to Follow


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Now, I truly believe that leadership is a learned skill. I believe that about parenting, too. I believe it about playing the piano, about doing your hair. You have to learn these skills to be good at them, and guess what? If you have influence, you are a leader, right where you are. If you can speak into someone else's life, if you are just a little more advanced than they are in some area, you are a leader. We all find ourselves in leadership positions at some point or another, but it's up to us to see ourselves as leaders and to grow as leaders.

Today, I'm going to share five ways that you can become a leader that people want to follow. They are simple but they've been incredibly helpful to me, and I think they'll be helpful to you, too.

This is also the first episode in which I introduce the Work & Play Cornerstore! It's where I plan to have a little bit of fun and will mostly draw from my personal life and experiences to bring you one book that I'm loving or that I've read, and one thing that I'm loving, and that's it. It might be completely random, funny, serious. The only rule that I want to stick by is that it's something that I personally use or recommend that will make your life better. I'll get a tiny commission from anything bought through these links, which help me to continue to bring this podcast to you every week. Plus, it'll just be plain fun, so I think it's going to be a win-win. So stay tuned to the Work & Play Cornerstore at the end of every episode.

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