Top 5 Books of 2018


Every year I endeavor to read 12 books - 1 book a month. I’m not the fastest or best reader, and with two little ones it’s definitely a challenge to read! But it’s always, always worth it! After reading 10 books this year (I don’t think I’ll make it to my 11th or 12th with this baby), I’ve come away with my Top 5… and they are GOOD.

Let me just say - every one of these books changed my life. I don’t say that lightly. I highly, highly recommend each one! Here’s a brief synopsis of why I loved them (and why you should totally buy them and read them if you haven’t)!

A Simplified Life - This is THE perfect January reading. I’ve found myself referring back to it so many times. If you are anything like me, you need a pep talk before decluttering or cleaning out. This is the best, warmest, no-nonsense pep talk you can get. And the best part? It’s got beautiful colorful pages of images, pages that you WRITE on and interact with, and a realistic approach to simplicity. Not to mention, it’s written by my dear friend Emily Ley, who is just a gem. And photographed by my dear friend Gina Zeidler, who is incredible. Bonus: it’s an easy read!

Techwise Family - A short, powerful read. Goodness this book was so eye opening, and I cried my eyes out in the last chapter. Andy Crouch shares that Technology is a good thing when it’s kept in its proper place. In the day and age we live in, technology can quickly take over in unhealthy ways. He lays out his family’s 10 commitments regarding technology, many of which we’ve embraced in our family. It also has some of the best paragraphs I’ve ever read regarding pornography - a scary but necessary topic for every family. I’ll be re-reading this one several times in the coming years!

The Road Back to You - This one is alllll about the Enneagram! If you haven’t heard of the enneagram, you’re dead to me. Okay okay that was harsh and not true… but you should start researching it! This book is an awesome place to start. More than taking an online test, this book helped me understand my number and my husband’s number. Plus, his style of writing had me hooked 2 pages in!

Deep Work - This is a great kick in the pants book! It’ll make you think deeply about how to get work DONE. And the why behind our work. In one part of the book, Newport talks about how many people think we are happiest when we are at leisure, but how that’s actually not true. Us humans are most fulfilled when we are producing things that matter, “deep work” as he calls it. “Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.” I have to say - I love the days where I feel like I’ve truly produced something, you know? As soon as I finished this book, my work days changed for the better.

God and Money - Buckle up for this one. It’ll change your perspective in the best possible way about money! Here’s the deal: our money has a purpose wayyyyy bigger than our security, our pleasure, our provision. Those things are good and right, but our money is also meant for the kingdom! Favorite things about this book: It’s super scripture heavy. It’s incredibly practical (they include real life examples, testimonies, and numbers). And I also cried at the epilogue when the authors explained how writing this book wrecked their lives for the kingdom in the best way.

What were your favorite reads of 2018?

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Top 5 Books 2018