Nancy Ray Book Club: What's Coming

Hey, friend!

The Nancy Ray Book Club has been something I have LOVED hosting, and every year I aim to change it up a bit and improve it. In 2019, I’ve decided to keep it simple. I’m pretty excited about what’s to come!

  • 6 Books

  • 6 Emails with reading plans

  • 6 Podcast episodes

That’s it!

Here’s what we’ll be reading:

January + throughout the year:
The Life Giving Home

February + March:

April + May:
The Year of Living Happy

June + July
The Sacred Enneagram

August + September:
The Coaching Habit

October + November:
Switch on your Brain

December Bonus Book:
Crucial Conversations

Nancy Ray Book Club Horiz.jpg

So how do you join? Great question!!

  • Purchase the 6 books

  • Sign up to receive the Emails

  • Listen to the Podcast Episodes*

*The plans are for the Podcast to launch in the spring, and you’ll be emailed the links when they are ready for a listen!

I’ll also be blogging my book reviews here on the blog, so if you miss a book or a podcast episode, you can still participate in the conversation!

Here’s what I learned from the 2018 book club: I bit off a bit more than I could chew. Granted, I did not know or plan to get pregnant in the spring, move (home and studio) in the summer, travel like crazy in the fall, and have a newborn just before Christmas. So I’m accepting grace from all of you and heaping it on myself as well.

For 2019, I figured I’d read half the amount I normally do. Why? Well, I have no idea what life and work will look like as a mama of 3, so I’d rather sign up for something I know I can do instead of take on too much. But I also know if I DON’T host a book club and choose my books now, I won’t read them. And a year without reading is just sad! There’s so much to learn out there, I think it’s worth it to continue.

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Nancy Ray Book Club 2019