My Goal Setting Ritual


Every year in December, I plan a time to get away, pray over the following year, and set goals. Some years I have super clarity on what I want to do, and other years I’m confused and don’t know where to start. BUT, when I follow this plan, I always walk away with more clarity than if I hadn’t done anything at all.

As a mama, the first key to this is to PLAN AHEAD! Plan an afternoon or evening to myself. I schedule it in the calendar ahead of time and ask Will to watch the girls.

Then, I buy all the Goal Setting Things:

Step 1: I work through my Powersheets the month of December

One thing I’ve learned about Powersheets over the years: they take time, and I am impatient. They are amazing because they are very thorough, but goodness I like to get going much faster and sometimes I’ll skip doing the work if I don’t plan for the time to do it. So, in the beginning of December, I begin working through the Prep Work of Powersheets as part of my morning routine or in the evenings before I go to bed.

Step 2: The White Board Brainstorm

This part is so fun for me! I get a big white poster board (less than $2), a fat Sharpie, and I write 2019 at the top of it. During naptime one afternoon, I brainstorm all kinds of ideas for the year. I try to hit all the major categories: work, health, relationships, etc. Here’s what one looked like for me a few years back!


After I complete my brainstorm, I take a picture of it so I can have it on my phone to reference for the next step.

Step 3: An Afternoon Away for Mama

This is the final step in my yearly goal setting tradition. I love getting away to a coffee shop - preferably one that is less busy where I won’t be interrupted. Then I finish and finalize my Powersheets, referencing the photo of my White Poster Board the whole time. Once they are finalized, I blog them here to share for accountability! And because I love reading other people’s goals, too!

Do you have a yearly goal setting ritual?

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Goal Setting Ritual