Fun Friday: How to Not Wash Your Hair (so often)

Nancy Ray Wash Your Hair Less Often

The longest I’ve gone without washing my hair is 13 days.

I don’t know if that impresses you, or if that grosses you out. I realize I’m taking a big risk here!

But if you’re like me, I view not washing my hair as a skill to be proud of!

Here’s how I do it:

Train your hair by stretching it an extra day, an extra 2 days, an extra 3 days at a time between washes. When you do this, follow the instructions below! It’ll help.

  • Do not use conditioner - only shampoo! I love Argan Oil of Morocco.

  • Do not use any hair products other than hairspray. I love Kenra Hairspray: It is worth every penny!

  • As SOON as you wash your hair, blow dry it - don’t let it dry naturally.

  • Immediately curl it and tease it at the base.

  • Keep it lifted with bobby pens so it’s not laying against your scalp. Do this every day if you can!

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Disclaimer: I do bathe every day!! I just don’t wash my hair — I love a good bath!