Goals + Fun Friday: Meet the Deebot

Meet the Deebot

This Fun Friday is for those of us who are just DELIGHTED by clean floors!

Meet the Deebot.

(It’s like a Roomba - just a different brand.)

For the longest time, I did not justify the cost of one of these robot vacuums. I thought it was too weird, too expensive, and always was of the mindset “oh we should just clean our own floors.”

But with 3 kids and a giant dog who sheds, the TIME WE MY HUSBAND SPENT SWEEPING AND MOPPING was insane. It was morning and night, and it was time consuming. We’d rather be spending time with each other - not cleaning!

So some friends of ours bought two, and gave us one to “try.” (This is the only way we would actually have tried one.) They said we could either pay them for it, or they’d return it if we hated it. It was too easy.

After one night of using the Deebot, we were SOLD. We mop a little once a week now, and that is it!

So just know that this Fun Friday is NOT a sponsored post, but a post brought to you by a mama with limited time who loves clean floors, and now I have them!

A few things to note:

  • You can set it on a timer so it automatically cleans! I set it twice a day : 2pm during naptime and 8:30pm after the kids bedtime.

  • You do have to empty the trash after every cleaning. It takes .5 seconds and is way easier than actually sweeping ;).

  • It’s also good to rinse / clean the trash compartment once a month. Still, super easy.

  • It is wise to do a pick up before it runs! So far, the Deebot has eaten a sock and a pair of underwear and a washcloth and other miscellaneous toys and what not. But you can always fish it out! When that happens, it just automatically shuts off and beeps a few times, waiting for you to come rescue it.

February Goals

Setting goals with 3 tiny children in tow? Sometimes it’s laughable. I’m okay with that! Keeping it simple here, and focusing on things that will fill my heart.

  • Read Anonymous

  • Continue reading the Life Giving Home

  • Go on a date with Will

  • Take pictures of the kiddos, just for me

  • Do something fun for myself and by myself!

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