Meet Sammy Jo!

Sammy Jo

We are so excited to introduce to you Sammy Jo, our new Studio Assistant!

Sammy Jo is an answer to prayer. We realized that we needed to hire someone pretty quickly this fall, because of everything that was happening in Nancy Ray Photography! My maternity leave was around the corner, the fall internship was ending, and Callie was transitioning out of her role in the NRP studio. We realized pretty quickly that the next few months were going to be Olivia holding down the fort, and she certainly needed some help!

We went through a stack of incredible applications, and after interviewing so many wonderful people, it was clear that Sammy Jo was the best fit for our team in this season. She already “gets us” on so many levels, and she is so gifted at seeing things from such a wise, intuitive perspective. Here are a few fun facts about Sammy Jo!

NRP Team

Tell us about you and your family!

My husband, Chais, and I have been married for just over four years! We have a three-year-old daughter, Bess, and an 18-month-old son, Riggins.

What’s your number on the Enneagram?

I think I’m a social 5 (pretty sure about the 5, still learning about sub-types!) on the enneagram with a fairly strong 4 wing, but I did think I was a 9 for a solid six months. I love to talk about it, though, and it is fascinating to me to learn how people can react to and process the same events so differently based on their beliefs, fears, priorities, etc. So excited to read The Sacred Enneagram with the Nancy Ray book club this year!

What’s your favorite food?

I will basically never turn down carbs, dairy or sugar. Other loves: sushi, Pizza Hut cheese sticks, bruschetta, or anything my husband cooks.

Current favorite books:

One Thousand Gifts (reading for the third time, so good!), Simplicity Parenting, The Gospel Comes with a House Key, The Girl who Smiled Beads.

Current favorite podcasts:

The Belonging Co, the Liturgist Podcast, Typology, the Creative Well, the Veritas Forum.

What are you most excited about in this new position?

Getting to do what I’m good at (super behind the scenes/task oriented things) for something I really believe in – impacting women and families for their joy and God’s glory! And doing it with the most kind, wise, encouraging group of women!

Sammy Jo, we are SO excited to have you as part of this team!

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