Introducing Fun Fridays

Nancy Ray Favorite Pens

I’m pretty excited about this little idea. I’m looking at Fridays on this blog as a free pass - I get to talk about whatever little tip, tutorial, product, or life hack that I want! I know, I know, I plan the rest of this blog out, too. But Fridays are gonna be different, spontaneous, and maybe a little unexpected.

Things I’ve got in mind:

  • Hair tutorials (my most requested thing on Insta which makes me laugh)

  • Favorite products

  • Small habits that make a big difference

  • Favorite scriptures & what God is speaking to me

  • Whatever I feel like!

So I’m starting off Fun Fridays with my favorite…. Drumroll please… PENS!

Literally, these pens are everything to me. Callie introduced me to them a few years ago, and I am addicted. Here’s the key: You HAVE to get the .038 tip! Anything else is much too thick. They are so thin and wonderful - I love them.

I also love using these hi-gliders! They aren’t full of ink - they are more like waxy crayons. They don’t bleed through, and I love their soft colors. Pretty much if I have my .038 Pilot and a Bible Higlider, I’m set!

Do you have a favorite pen you can’t live without? I’d love to hear in the comments! (But don’t worry you won’t convince me to switch! I’m like an old lady stuck in my ways!)