010 - 5 Ways to Work Through Overwhelm


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Today we're going to talk about five ways for you to work through that feeling of overwhelm that honestly overtakes us every once in a while and leaves us feeling so helpless.

For me, it often comes when my schedule is full and overflowing and I just don't know what to do next. It's like a paralyzation that comes over my body and my mind, oftentimes leading to tears, and it's just so overwhelming. But I know that abundance and overwhelm can't really coincide, and I know that the life God plans for us is a life of abundance, and so hopefully today you're gonna listen to some practical things that you can walk away with to just help you work through that overwhelm.

On the days that you feel overwhelmed, you can stop and maybe come back to this episode and listen to a few things that you can do to get to the other side of it—to get to that side of abundance, which is the place that we're meant to live because someone once said, "Yes, overwhelming feelings happen, but it's just not supposed to be the norm." Right? Like, it's normal to feel overwhelmed time-to-time. That's just life. I'm not saying you're going to live life without being ever overwhelmed, but I don't want you to live a life of overwhelm. I don't want it to be the norm for you.

Before I walk you through these ways to embrace the calm and embrace the abundance, I just want to let you know there's a free download for you here today. Five ways to create this calm amidst the chaos. Five ways to find that abundance in the overwhelm.

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