018 - Life as an Enneagram 3

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So this crazy Enneagram thing seems to be around every corner, doesn’t it? For those listening who aren’t familiar with it, the Enneagram is a personality typing system that illustrates nine types of people and their basic motivations. For those of us who understand the Enneagram, you know it can be such a helpful tool to help us understand ourselves, our motivations, our fears, and how we look at and relate to the rest of the world.

Now, I’m an Enneagram three and I’m just going to share what life looks like for me. I’ll share the things I’m good at, the things I most ashamed of, and my general mindset towards my work and my play. Basically, you’re about to get to know me on a whole new level. My hope in being vulnerable here is that if you are a type three, or if you have a type three in your life, maybe you’ll find a new understanding about our type that will be helpful in some way or another.

I'm  honestly not sure that anything has been more helpful to me understanding myself and my habits in work and play than understanding my Enneagram type. Now, I'm not going to go into all nine types today. I'm not going to give you an overview of the Enneagram— this isn't an Enneagram podcast, but there are plenty of those out there. I'm just going to share my journey so far with the Enneagram and where I am today, and kind of what life looks like for me as a type three, as well as how it's allowed me to have so much more grace for those around me.

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