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I don’t know about you, but I love to imagine my life working seamlessly as I ease into the day, transitioning in and out of work without any stress. Me, walking with God and listening to Him throughout my day, breathing deeply and contently as I drift off to sleep at night. But does that happen in reality? Well, no. But there are simple practices that we can embrace throughout our days, weeks, months and years that will point us back to the Lord in a rhythmic way. It’s called a Rule of Life. While all of our days won’t be perfect, because that’s just how life is, they can be more in tune with what God is doing. I’m excited to share my Rule of Life with you today.

So, what is a Rule of Life? Matt Chandler said it this way: “A rule of life is kind of looking at the broad spectrum of our lives and considering years, months, weeks and days and then filling those natural transitions and seasons with things that orient or re-center the heart around the presence and power of God, acknowledging that our drift will not be toward those things but self-reliance.”

Here’s the bottom line: I’m forgetful. I’m very reliant on myself. I love to achieve things, and often times I find my self-worth in those achievements. But, when I put a Rule of Life in place, it’s a humble practice of reminding myself on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis that God’s presence is the most important thing and that I am completely dependent on Him and that that is what life is all about: doing life with Him. It’s not about my achievements or failures or anything in-between.

Today, we’re not going to beat ourselves up about this, we’re not going to be legalistic and we’re not going to miss the point. But we are going to glean the rich message of the Sabbath together and focus on the heart of God, which is always for us.

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